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After teaset some of it sneezed summer togs on in a bold visual display with delicious ladies and pool party, has brand The Hundreds now released throughout the summer collection. Like their spring collection is summer collection a look back to the . Lange swimwear, tank tops, polo shirts and shirts nedknappede rounds on the new collection which according to founder Bobby Hundreds is the brand’s most diverse collection to date.

Bobby also explains the background to the 90s look in their new summer collection at The Hundreds own blog “Instead of interpreting the ’90s resurgence is obvious that The Hundreds summer 2014 explores the nuances and the edge of the era. What begins to take shape, instead of grunge and gangster rap references, udkantens solafblegede weakness of the average American youth in the lazy days of dial up internet. We have gained inspiration from the old Magic Eye posters and linceformet art alongside recognizable ’90s motifs like acid washing and loud color combinations. We stay close to our Californian 90s subculture roots, but we reinterpret the season and brings a summer which becomes nostalgic with growing up at corner shops, summer camp by the lake and keen perception of blind alleys and cars and cassette tapes.

The new clothing from The Hundreds can be purchased at their online shop from d. April 24.

Billede: Freddycat1

Billede: Freddycat1